Richard hayward is a well-known property investor and developer with more than 40 years’ experience in the industry.
He is responsible for RHP’s corporate business strategy and development projects. The investment buisness is managed by the staff.
Richard started his property business in residential investment in 1979 and subsequently sold his portfolio first in 1988 for £6.4 million.
He was also a partner in Davis & sons estate agents, until it was sold to prudential in 1989.
His vision, drive and passion underpins RHP’s company ethos, while his entrepreneurial approach and wide-ranging interests have created a uniquely flexible business that works across all property sectors and also invests in fledging businesses and individuals.

As a lawyer and someone who has been involved in property development and investment as well as a host of other commercial activities since the 1970’s, Richard has led the business through several recessions with plans to further the growth of the business for the future with the finances in place to support them.

Richards empire has stretched from Devon to Cornwall to the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland but has always been based in South Wales. At one stage in 2005 the business managed £350m of assets. Today the business has £75m with few levels of debt and continues to reduce debt whilst carrying on selective development to aid cashflow and add to the value of the portfolio by creation rather than through investment purchase.
This results in better quality assets with better tenants and lower debt.

At one time he was the biggest private residential landlord in Wales and Bolwell and Hayward Limited had its own Act of Parliament through a Private Members Bill to allow it to operate short hold tenancies prior to the arrival of AST Agreement.
Richard has always had a vision with foresight to see which way the world has moved and has kept the companies he is involved with moving with the times and changing the nature of the business as he needs to.

Recently he successfully negotiated to sell his car making business to Jaguar Land Rover which completed on the 18th December 2019. This took much of his time in that year and he faced enormous hurdles dealing with the JLR and dissenting Shareholder issues and ensured all creditors were paid and the company was delivered into JLR as a complete entity. Bowler would not have survived the Pandemic but for the sale with car sales almost non-existent and motor racing on hold for the foreseeable future.

Richard has also created the iconic building on the seafront at Penarth known as Beachcliff. This was Richards idea and despite being told it would never work the scheme has flourished and has created a new era of food operations which has changed the nature of the Esplanade and the seafront will never be the same again. The Esplanade has now become packed in the summer with day visitors and the business in the bars and restaurants are thriving.

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During these extremely difficult times we all face at the moment, we would like to thank all our staff for their efforts in maintaining  the level of service that Richard Hayward Properties customers expect from us.

We have all had to adjust to work to the Government guidelines whether that be from home or implementing new procedures in both production facilities and on site. We are committed to ensuring our employees safety at all times as well as our customers.

The team at Richard Hayward Properties will monitor the government advice daily and we will strive to ensure we fulfill any promises we have made and continue to help customers, old and new, meet their deadlines.